Winter Wild Series

02/13/2016 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM


NE Winter Wild is “uphilling” with a twist. In classic uphilling, participants ascend a ski slope using equipment of their choice, which might include snowshoes, skis with climbing “skins,” running shoes equipped with spikes, cross-country skis, or just plain running shoes. But in NE Winter Wild events, the race doesn’t end at the top. Instead, participants crest the top of the mountain and then race down to a finish line at the lodge.  Whatever equipment they wear or carry up, they can use to descend, which means it might be worth it to carry that snowboard up the hill.

There are four categories of competition:
1) open  (Micro-spikes, Yaktrax, running shoes, snowshoes, etc.)
2) track skis (lightweight skating/diagonal gear)
3) telemark (metal-edged skis with a 3-pin or cable binding)
4) heavy metal (alpine skis, randonee bindings, plastic boots).

Prizes are given to the top three age group finishers in each category. Every participant also gets a raffle ticket with a chance to win prizes that range from Peanut M&Ms to new skis!

But the biggest winner at NE Winter Wild will be determined by students. They’ll have a chance to earn their school district PTO $5,000, courtesy of The Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley and Lake Sunapee Bank, as part of the Let’s Move initiative. Registration is FREE for school-age racers and they are welcome to compete in any of the NE Winter Wild categories. At the end of the season, the district with the highest percentage of participation will win $5,000 for a project of its choice. And even the students whose school doesn’t win the big prize will still earn participation prizes, raffle entries—and, of course, the chance to have a blast taking on some of New England’s best ski trails.

New Hampshire resident Kate Robbins wasn’t sure about getting up early to run up and down a mountain, but after a few races, she was hooked. “It was exhilarating, exhausting, beautiful, and great fun with super people,” she said. Her 16-year-old daughter Liesel agreed. “How often do you get to say you conquered a mountain and still have a whole day before you,” she said. “What a way to start your day!”

To register and additional details on events, rules, and Let’s Move program can be found on the New England Winter Wild website: