Race Course is set on the "Downdraft" trail

All ages and abilities are welcome!

Open 11am to 3pm:

  • Weekends
  • Christmas Vacation Week
  • February President's Vacation Week,
  • Thursday & Friday of NH Vacation Week

Sign up to race at the top of the NASTAR Race Course.

If you raced NASTAR last season there's no need to register again.

Simply give the starter your NASTAR Registration Number. If you forgot your number, you can search your last name on and you'll see it listed next to your name.

If you're new to the NASTAR experience register at, where you will be issued a unique NASTAR Registration Number.

If you choose to register at the NASTAR course at Pats Peak, you will be asked to fill out a NASTAR Registration Form. Your information will be transferred to when Pats Peak uploads the day's races. You will be assigned a NASTAR Registration Number after Pats Peak posts your results to

Why not save some precious time at Pats Peak and register online at!

Race Price
First NASTAR Run for Juniors (6-17) $3.00
First NASTAR Run for Adults (18+) $4.00
Each Additional NASTAR Run $1.00
Unlimited NASTAR Runs - All Day $10.00
Fun Run (Time not sent to NASTAR) $2.00

For more information call the Pats Peak Snowsports School at: 603-428-3245

NASTAR is the acronym for the National Standard Race.

Developed in 1968, NASTAR is the largest public recreational grassroots ski race program in the world. NASTAR's mission is to provide a fun, competitive and easily accessible recreational ski racing program. Through the development of a handicap system it allows skiers of all ages and abilities a means to compare themselves against their friends, family members and the U.S. Ski Team regardless of when and where they race.