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QUESTION: Who has one of the state of NH's most powerful snowmaking system per acre?

ANSWER: Pats Peak!

That's right. Pats Peak Ski Area has one of the largest snowmaking system per developed acre in the state of New Hampshire. Since the start, Pats Peak has been heavily committed to snowmaking. It has been this commitment that has kept us in the forefront of snowmaking and grooming technology for over 50 years.

Consistently -- PATS PEAK is one the first ski areas in NH (and sometimes New England) to achieve 100% of our terrain being open. Each year we continue to reinvest in technology, equipment, and manpower, this keeps us on the cutting edge of snowmaking.

Our snowmaking system covers 100 percent of the developed terrain. It uses more than 450 hydrants, 370 snowguns, 80 SMI Polecats, over 18 miles of snowmaking pipes, and can allow up to 90 snow guns operating at once! At prime temperature levels thousands of gallons of water per minute can be converted into snow. Three to five feet of snow can be made on 100% of the developed terrain each season. State-of-the-art weather stations are strategically placed around the mountain to keep the up-to-the-minute humidity, temperature, and wind speed information coming into the command center for optimal snowmaking.

Our snowmaking system was installed in the late 1960's and has under gone a huge transformation in recent years. Pats Peak has been working with Sno-Matic Engineering, the industry's leading snowmaking design firm, for the many years to modernize our snowmaking system with the latest techonlogy in the industry.

Snowmaking improves conditions dramatically for skiers and riders. It is essential to quality skiing in Southern New Hampshire. Snowmaking helps to ensure opening in December (and sometimes the end of November) and continuing operations through the end of March in a region those only averages less than 100 inches of natural snowfall per season.