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24.12.6 Hours Bike Race Rules

  1. Each team must designate a captain and co-captain. Team captains will represent the team in all correspondence and communications before, during and after the event. The co-captain can represent the team during the event when the captain is unavailable. Only team captains and co-captains can file protests.
  2. The team captain and/or co-captain must attend the pre-race meeting. However, everyone on the team is welcome to attend.
  3. Once in the Start/Finish area or in the teams' pit area, racers may change, repair or replace any equipment. They may even swap entire bikes. In the Start/Finish area or in the teams' pit area, racers may accept support from anyone. Also, teams may bring as many support people as they would like, but their support is limited to the Start/Finish area or the teams' pit area (not on the course).
  4. Technical or mechanical support on the course may only be supplied by registered racers. Supporting racers must access the course under their own power (i.e. foot travel or on bike) and that access can only be achieved by going in the direction of the course. Shortcutting the course is not allowed. Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers. Supporting racers may take any equipment or tools with them; they may even swap bikes with a teammate. Support can be provided by any registered racer, on any team, to any registered racer on any team.
  5. Water and food may be supplied to any racer by anyone, anywhere on the course. However, racers must stay well clear of the course when taking food and water. An official watering station will be located by the Pats Peak lodge. Please, do not litter.
  6. Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing bikes should stay on the least ridden portion of the trail when being passed. A racer pushing or carrying his or her bicycle can overtake a racer riding a bicycle, provided that the riding racer is not interfered with or made fun of in any way.
  7. Lapped riders should yield to leaders. Leaders should be very vocal when preparing to pass any racer. "PASSING ON YOUR LEFT!", "PASSING ON YOUR RIGHT!". It's the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. However, if the riders are on the same lap, the leading rider may ride their line and the other rider must pass in a sportsmanlike way. This does not mean give them the old bump and run.
  8. Shortcutting on the course shall result in immediate disqualification of that racer's entire team. We will have spotters throughout the course. Please stay on the trails and race honestly.
  9. Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and any other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken very seriously. Such behavior by any racer shall subject that racer's entire team to a warning or immediate disqualification depending on the circumstances.
  10. Federal, state and county laws and ordinances will be abided by at all times.
  11. Please, only official registered riders in the event should ride on the designated racecourse during the event.
  12. Protests can only be made by team captains or co-captains. Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director or co-director anytime during the race, or up to 30 minutes after the posting of the final results. Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including a description of the incident, witness's names, addresses, phone numbers and a signature of the protesting team captain. A $50.00 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest. The fee will be forfeited to the race director if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld.
  13. The event director has the final say in any ruling.
  14. Quiet hours will be imposed in the camping area from 11:00pm Saturday until 5:00am on Sunday. During this time period we ask that all noise in the camping area be kept to a minimum.
  15. Lighting requirements: During the night ride, racers must have a primary light source with a minimum rated power of 10 Watts. In addition, each rider must carry a secondary or backup light sources in the form of a penlight, flashlight or other lighting system.
  16. Racers entering the course between 7:45pm Saturday and 5:00am Sunday must show that both the primary and secondary light sources are in good working order and are functioning. After 8:30pm on Saturday, riders are required to ride with the lights burning. Riding with lights out to save batteries is both dangerous and against the rules. Lights must remain on when entering or leaving the scoring tent. After 5:00am on Sunday, lights may be turned off and dismounted.
  17. Battery re-chargers may be plugged in at the designated charging station. Be sure the chargers and the batteries are clearly marked with either your name or your team's name. Pats Peak will NOT be responsible for the security of either the batteries or the chargers. Please be courteous to your fellow riders equipment. Treat it like you want your own equipment treated.
  18. Check-In Station: Racers must log-in and log-out on each lap at the Check-in Station located at the Start/Finish Area. The log-out time of that racer automatically becomes the log-in time of the next rider logging in (regardless of whether or not there is a rider ready to go). In other words, the clock is ticking the entire time. Racers "on deck" should give their name to the registrar in advance to avoid confusion during the rider change.
  19. A racer may ride consecutive laps, but must log out at the Check-In Station after each lap in order to log-in for the next lap. If a racer is staying in for additional laps, the racer must log-out from the first lap by checking in with the registrar, then after the registrar has recorded the log-out time of that lap the racer will begin his or her additional lap. If a racer does not follow this procedure on each lap, only one lap will be counted.
  20. Verifying The Log Sheet: Lap times will be compiled and recorded for each racer and listed on the bottom of each teams' log sheet. It's the teams responsibility to verify that each rider is logged-in and logged-out correctly. Please be patient and courteous while verifying information with your registrar. A good habit is to state your number first, then your name, to confirm that your registrar is logging you in or out correctly.
  21. Minimum Time Requirements: Each four-person team member must complete a minimum of four hours riding time. Each five-person team member must complete a minimum of three hours riding time during the 24-hour period of the race. It's the team's responsibility to make sure each rider meets his or her minimum riding time requirements. If a team does not complete the minimum riding times for each of its teammates then the team will be listed as DNF (Did Not Finish).
  22. Canceling a Rider's Lap: Once on the course, a racer must complete his or her lap. However, the team has the option of canceling a rider's lap and restarting from the Check-in Station with a substitute. This is a difficult and costly decision, but if the first rider is unable to complete the lap for any reason, it may be to the team's advantage to cancel that rider's lap. Any team member can cancel a rider's lap by notifying the team's registrar at the Check-in Station. Once a cancellation has been made it cannot be rescinded. The cancelled lap does not count towards the rider's minimum time. The new rider inherits the log-in time of the canceled rider's lap.
  23. Dismount Area: Just prior to entering the scoring desk you will notice a designated dismount area. Riders finishing a lap must dismount completely in that area before approaching the scorer. This is much safer for everyone. Riders who do not completely dismount will receive a 5-minute penalty. By the way, half off the bike riding on one pedal will get you the penalty.
  24. Scratching a Rider: In the event that a team loses one of its teammates due to illness, injury or exhaustion, that team may elect to "scratch" that rider from the team and continue to compete. However, the team will be penalized ten minutes for every hour or part of an hour that the teammate did not complete in the minimum time requirement. For example, if a four-person class rider was scratched after completing two laps and his/her time was 2:34, then the time penalty for his/her team would be 20 minutes. The team captain or co-captain must notify the registrar as to which teammate is scratched. Once taken off the team, a racer may not reenter the race. If the team loses a second teammate then that team is DNF.
  25. Dogs and Other Pets: Pets are allowed at the event as long as they are leashed, quiet and cleaned up after.
  26. The Finish: The 24 Hour race will end at 12:00pm on Sunday. Riders must log-off the course from 12:00pm on. Each team's final placement will be determined by the number of laps the team has completed and the sequential order of finish within the teams' last lap. For example, a team that has completed 21 laps with a finish time of 12:17pm would beat a team that completed 21 laps with a finish time 12:20pm. And of course, a team that completed 22 laps, finishing at 12:25pm would beat them both. A rider does not need to be logged in at the end of the race for our laps to count as you will be credited for the number of laps recorded. If a team member did not meet his or her time requirements, then that team is listed as DNF. The 6 Hour will end at 6:00pm and the 12 Hour will end at 12:00am -- these races follow this same format as outlined above.
  27. The Final Rule: Have fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions or concerns during the event please do not hesitate to ask. We will have staff members and volunteers who can answer your questions throughout the event. We greatly thank you for your support and look forward to promoting the event for future years.

To ensure a safe event we take these rules very seriously.
We thank you again and Good Luck!