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Race Course is set on the "Downdraft" trail

All ages and abilities are welcome!

Open 11am to 2pm:

  • Saturdays & Sundays

  • Christmas Vacation Week

  • NH Vacation Week

Sign up to race at the top of the Downdraft Race Course.

Sign up at www.NASTAR.com to get your own NASTAR ID number.

If you choose to register at the top of the course at Pats Peak, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Your information will be transferred to www.NASTAR.com when Pats Peak uploads the day's races. You will be assigned a NASTAR ID number after Pats Peak posts your results to www.NASTAR.com.

Race Price
First NASTAR Run for Juniors (6-17) $3.00
First NASTAR Run for Adults (18+) $4.00
Each Additional NASTAR Run $1.00
Unlimited NASTAR Runs - All Day $10.00
Fun Run (Time not sent to NASTAR) $2.00

For more information call the Pats Peak Snowsports School at: 603-428-3245



NASTAR is the acronym for the NAtional STAndard Race and is the largest public grassroots ski race program in the world. More than 165,000 Nature Valley NASTAR racer days are recorded throughout the season at 115 resorts. Participants compete within their age and gender groups to win platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition, participants are ranked in their medal group and the top ranked racers qualify to compete in the Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships.

NASTAR was developed by SKI Magazine in 1968 to provide recreational racers with an opportunity to compete and to compare their scores to friends and family members regardless of when and where they race. The NASTAR handicap system is a standardized scoring program that provides participants with a tangible number that represents their ability. The NASTAR.com web site records each participants stats and ranks each racer at the host resort, in their state of residence and nationally. The NASTAR program has a successful partnership with the U.S. Ski Team as its premier youth racing feeder program.

More information can be found at: www.nastar.com