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Photo of Winter Wild Racers

Winter Wild

Event date and time: 2/8/2020 6:15:00 AM

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Winter Wild is an uphill series with a twist, the finish is at the bottom so you get to come back down too.  Grab your skis, grab your snowshoes, or just grab your favorite winter running shoes and join us for some winter fun. 

The activity is called “uphilling,” and it’s adding a whole new dimension of fun and purpose to winter recreation.  Uphilling is a hearty winter workout, where participants ascend a ski slope using either snowshoes, skis with climbing “skins,” or running shoes with "microspikes".   For the Winter Wild series, participants go down the mountain the same way they went up – those on skis get to slide down the slopes.

To register and additional details can be found on the Winter Wild website: www.winterwild.com.

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