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At this time, reservations are only available through January 31, 2021. 

You MUST read your voucher to be sure it is valid on a date you make the reservation for. This reservation calendar DOES NOT validate if the voucher is valid on that day, as it is only to hold a reservation for your voucher. If you put in a voucher that is not valid on that date and you show your voucher to the ticket window you will NOT get a ticket for that day. Please read the valid information carefully.
i.e. You MUST choose a weekday/night, non-holiday, date for that voucher if that is what is on the voucher.

Select a date first, you will then be presented with the products to add to your list.
When you have added all your products hit "Add to Cart".

Select Date, and Number of Vouchers

Voucher Information

Review Voucher Information

Selected Products