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Pats Peak is collecting donations for a scholarship fund that will be created to honor Chandler’s memory.
You can use the options below to make a donation. If you'd like, you can choose more than one of a dollar amount to equal the amount you'd like to donate.

Today and moving forward we mourn and grieve a life taken from us way too soon. On Wednesday, March 23rd there was a terrible snowboarding accident out west and Chandler Pelletier, 29 years old, left us doing what he loved the most. Chandler and his entire family are integral parts of the Pats Peak family. All of them have had varying roles at the ski area and his dad, Guy, has been our Director of Culinary Services for the last 20 plus years. We got to know Chandler when he was just a wee little one along with his siblings; Cameron and Chantelle. If there was a poster family of what we are all about: Family Pelletier is it.

Passion was Chandler’s play and his love of all things snow was paramount. He started off as an apprentice in our ski school and slowly, steady and with determined resolve earned snowboarding credentials that brought him to the top of the teaching pyramid. It was best said that his skill set was the equivalent of “poetry on a board”. His enthusiasm for snowboarding and life in general were what set Chandler apart. He was always willing to try the newest thing or go someplace new - all in service to “what’s the next best thing”.

During these difficult days ahead, we ask for respect and condolences for the Pelletier family. There is a hole in the Pats Peak family today and we mourn the loss of Chandler. He will be missed by many.