Snowbike Lesson

Snowbike Lessons/Rentals

Advanced Reservations for Snowbikes are required. You must purchase a Snowbike Package online. 

*Must be Age 14 or older to Snowbike.*

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Snowbike Group Lesson Times:

10:00 am & 11:30am Weekdays & Weekends. There is also a 1:30pm Lesson Time on Weekends only.

Snowbike Package:

Includes all lift/full day lift ticket, 1-hour group lesson, rental (boots, blades, Brenter Snowbike®), Snowbike License.

$179 Weekends/Holidays
$159 Weekdays

Saturday Night POP: Snowbike Rentals not included in POP ticket, Snowbike rentals available for an additional charge.

Snowbike Rental Only:

Must have already obtained a Snowbike License from a recognized ski mountain – will need to be approved in the Rental Shop before providing the snowbike rental.

$42 for a half-day rental. Lift Ticket is additional.
$52 for a full-day rental. Lift Ticket is additional.

Sorry,  NO REFUNDS. Prices subject to change.

The Fine Print:

  • Advanced Reservations for Snowbikes are required. You must purchase a Snowbike Package online. 
  • Must be Age 14 or older to Snowbike.
  • Riders must have a visible Snowbike License to ride a Snowbike. Pats Peak recognizes licenses’ from other mountains.
  • Only one licensed person is allowed on the Snowbike at any one time.
  • Snowbike License will be revoked if the Snowbike is used improperly.
  • Lending a Snowbike to people without a Snowbike License will result in the loss of the license.
  • Foot ski leashes must be attached to rider.
  • Use of foot skis while snowbiking only.
  • Must properly load and unload safely from lifts according to guidelines set during training.
  • Snowbike not allowed in the parks.
  • Must stay in control of Snowbike at all times.
  • No tricks on Snowbike.
  • Abuse of Snowbike will not be tolerated.
  • No unauthorized modification to Snowbike.
  • You are responsible for all damages of the Snowbike.
  • Pats Peak reserves the right to approve or reject all equipment for use on mountain.
  • See Disclaimer List for Rules and Regulations of Snowbikes.

Brenter “Reflex-Based” Riding Method: For the rest of your life!

Easy to Use! With the “Reflex Based Learning Method” turning your bike is as simple as turning your head.

Bike, Snow and Slope meet in a whole new dimension. Snowbiking, the evolution in Winter sports for all ages. RENT & RIDE experience this new and exciting activity. With the support of your Brenter Snowbike® instructor, you will be an expert within your first day of snowbiking.

In a very short amount of time, 60 minutes, a first-time Brenter Snowbike® rider can control turns, braking and stopping with remarkably high skill. Turn your head to the right side or left side and your bike responds immediately. The “Reflex Based Learning Method” is intuitive. Only the original Brenter Snowbike® is built to respond to your reflexes. That’s how easy it is! Riders of all ages are able to enjoy all types of terrain on the mountain they never knew were accessible.

Learning the Brenter Snowbike® reflex riding method is yours to keep for the rest of your life. It’s quick to learn and “The fun factor is addicting”. The learning curve is exceptionally easy and more important quick. Let one of our professional instructors show you how to activate your natural skills. With more time on the slopes – a smile after every run is guaranteed!

The Brenter Snowbike® Company was founded in 1923 and you can now find the Brenter Snowbike® in 24 countries. For more details on Brenter Snowbikes®, check out: