Directions to Snowshoe Trail Heads:

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Snowshoe Green

From the lift shack at the base of Bluster follow the green snowshoe markers under the two Valley chair lifts and then up the far side of the ski trail to the pond. The trail head is at the far end of the pond.
Distance: Approx. 1 mile
Time: 30-50 minutes
Vertical: 200’


Snowshoe Blue

From the stairs leading up to the balcony proceed to the base of the Hurricane chair lift. Follow the blue markers along the far side of the ski trail. The trail head is on the left just after the chair lift.
Distance: Approx. 3.50 miles
Time: 60-120 minutes
Vertical: 500’


Blackdiamond Snowshoe500

Caution! The Black Trail is for experts snowshoers with expert equipment only. The trail runs between the Green Trail, about halfway through the loop, to the top of the Cascade Basin chair, where it meets the Blue Trail.
Distance: 1.25 miles (approx.)
Time: 40 to 60 min.
Vertical: 700’

Finding your way on the trail:

The trails are marked with round green markers for the easiest Green Trail, blue square markers for the intermediate Blue Trail, and black diamond markers for the Expert Trail. Follow the trail markers and arrows to guide you along the trails.

Snowshoers must avoid the ski trails with the exception of accessing the snowshoe trails. Access to the snowshoe trails are by the base of the Hurricane chair (Blue Trail) and by the pond on the far side of the Valley area (Green Trail Loop).

The snowshoe trails are all connected and make a complete 4-mile loop. Starting about half way along the Green Trail loop a new Black Diamond “Expert Only” Trail heads up through the woods to the top of the Valley slopes then again goes into the woods and up to the top of the mountain-skits a field-back into the woods and ends at the top of the Cascade Basin. From there the Blue Trail takes you down around the bottom of the Basin chair and then through the woods and down to the base of Hurricane chair. From there it is just a short hike to the Base Lodge. Or you can start on the Blue Trail at the Hurricane chair and return to the Base Lodge via the Green Trail loop. The Black Diamond Trail has steep and difficult sections and should only be attempted by expert snowshoers with proper equipment.


  • Please be aware that Pats Peak does not patrol or maintain these snowshoeing trails.
  • There is no cost to use our snowshoe trails.
  • Remember, our snowshoe trails depend on natural snowfall.
  • The ski area or its employees are not responsible for injuries which occur as a result of the inherent risks associated with the sport of snowshoeing.

Please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Tell someone where you plan to go and when you will be back.
  • Carry this Snowshoe Trail Map.
  • Bring plenty of water and high energy snacks,
  • Dress in layers.
  • If possible, snowshoe with a partner.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Please stay on the marked trails.
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