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Love It, Lock It Options

Pats Peak Ski Area has bag-free zone in both lodges. 

We offer many different options to store your belongings. 

FREE Bag Watch

  • This attended storage is FREE for all guests.
  • Unlimited access throughout the time the mountain is open for skiing/riding.
  • Located in the Main Lodge near the cafeteria.
  • Bag check closes 30 minutes after last chair.


  • Located in our Rental Shop.
Love It, Lock It


Theft is an unfortunate fact of life and the snow sports industry is not immune.  Here are some tips to keep your gear safe and aid in recovery if you do fall victim to the individual intent on making a profit by stealing from others.

  • If you do leave your gear unattended and unprotected do not leave anything of value such as phones, ear buds, etc.
  • Use your Skikey lock.  Don’t have a Skikey lock?  Visit us in the Finish Line Ski & Board shop, or go to
  • Purchase a small retractable lock and lock your skis or snowboard to one of the racks around the base area. Locks are available for purchase at the Finish Line Ski & Board Shop.
  • Don’t forget to label – Use a permanent marker to put your name on all of your gear.
  • Keep a record of your boots, skis, and poles. Be sure to include the make and model of the equipment, the serial number, and include any identifying marks or characteristics in your records. In case of theft, these details need to be reported to the police as they can help you recover your equipment and it will give proof that the equipment recovered does not belong to the person in possession.
  • Remember to loop your poles over your skis, as while this may not prevent your poles from being stolen, it will prevent an accidental mix-up and it does make your poles harder to simply pick up and carry away.

Pats Peak is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  In the event you have been the victim of theft, please stop into Lost & Found to complete a report and get in touch with one of our Safety Officers.  On your behalf, we will send your report to the Henniker Police Department. 

Lost & Found

If you discover after you arrive home that you have lost something at Pats Peak, please use our LOST & FOUND form to send us a message to try to track down your item for you.