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Uphill Travel

Winter uphill travel by means of skinning, cross country skiing and snowshoeing has become increasingly popular.

Please remember as an uphill user, you are the guest of the resort and must agree to the terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk (RSA 225A:3) and release of liability. Access is at your own risk.

Uphill Travel Season Pass Required:

  • All uphill travelers are required to purchase online for $99 an Uphill Travel Pass with photo ID, valid for this season or have a valid Pats Peak Season Pass for this season.
  • Passes must be exposed by all uphill travelers at all times whenever they utilize uphill routes, during both operating and non-operating hours. Please be prepared to present your pass to resort personnel upon request.
  • An Uphill Travel Pass DOES NOT provide lift access either up or down the mountain.
  • Please make sure you are wearing a headlamp and it’s on when dark.

You must use the Uphill Travel Routes only:

  • Blast to Zephyr to Backdraft to Crosswind to Cascade Basin summit
  • Blast to Zephyr to Backdraft to the top of the mountain summit
  • Puff to the top of Puff

Uphill Parking Lot:

  • You MUST change at your vehicle.
  • DO NOT leave any gear on the snow. This causes obstacles for our groomers and prevents them from grooming certain areas in the morning.
  • You MUST park in the Uphill Parking Lot – Take a left on to Craney Pond Road before the Pats Peak entrance, go past the Henniker Motel and the Uphill Parking lot is the first parking lot on your right.
  • From this parking lot, you will have direct access the Blast trail for your Uphill Travel Route.
Uphill Travel Lot
  • During Non-Operational Hours: All uphill travel must stay on the Uphill Travel Route while ascending AND while descending the mountain.
  • During Operating Hours: All uphill travel must stay on the Uphill Travel Route while ascending. Upon descent, any skis or spilt boards may descend on any trail that is open. All foot traffic, snowshoes, etc. must descend on the Uphill Travel Route only.

Parameters of Uphill Travel:

  • Travel single file on edge of trail to be seen by skiers, riders, snow groomers, snowmaking, personnel, and snowmobiles.
  • Use headlamp and reflective clothing.
  • Users should be alert for mountain operations vehicles and equipment. You may encounter grooming and snowmaking equipment and machines.
  • Please do not go up or down a trail that has snowmaking or grooming occurring. 
  • ​Do not stop on high traffic areas.
  • When traveling on our trails, you must observe the Your Responsibility Code.
  • No sleds, tubes, saucers, snowmobiles or fat tire bikers.
  • Yield to downhill traffic. Downhill traffic has the right of way.


  • Be prepared for extreme winter conditions and sudden weather changes.
  • Use properly maintained equipment.
  • There are many inherent dangers to winter mountain sports. Use care and caution at all times.
  • Carry a cell phone with you at all times.
  • All pets must be leashed. Please clean up after your pet.
  • ​Please use, don’t abuse!
  • When lifts are OPEN call 603-428-7911.
  • When lifts are CLOSED call 911.

Uphill Travel Routes Map: